Affiliate Terms and Conditions

Rev. 4 - Jan 10th 2006

Affiliate Benefits

  1. The Oddcast Affiliate program pays affiliates a 30% commission on qualifying online sales ("Qualifying Sales").
  2. Commission payments to affiliates are carried out at least once per quarter, and are paid by check (US & Canada residents only) or a transfer to a PayPal account.
  3. Payments are made for Qualifying Sales which took place 60 days or more prior to the date of payment.
  4. A minimum of two Qualifying Sales is required to qualify for payment.
  5. Payments can only be made to Affiliates which have designated a method of payment & valid recipient information, and provided Oddcast with a signed Tax ID form. Login to your affiliate account and goto 'Account Info' to provide us with this information. Note: You must sign up as an affiliate before you can access this area.

Qualifying Sales

  1. The following types of online sales qualify for affiliate commissions -
    1. New Account sales referred by an Oddcast affiliate banner or link, and logged by the Oddcast affiliate system.
    2. A follow-up sale (including account extensions, upgrades, streams etc.) which takes place within 365 days of the original account purchase.
  2. Voice Talent sales or Reseller Program sales do not qualify. Third party products or services which may be provided in the future will not qualify.

Changes & Updates

  1. Oddcast may modify or update these terms at any time at its sole discretion. Changes will not affect sales already made and credited when the changes take effect.


  1. Oddcast may use cookies (or similar technical means) in order to record and maintain affiliate referral information to be able to assign affiliates credit for sales. If cookies are removed by end users or by other means outside Oddcast's control this may result in inability to assign affiliates credit for sales. Note that once a purchase has been credited to an affiliate, any follow up purchases (such as extensions, streams, or upgrades) are credited to the affiliate without relying on cookies.
  2. Oddcast's sole means of communicating with affiliates shall be by email. It is the affiliate's responsibility to maintain a current & valid email address. Affiliates may modify their email address and other personal information under 'Account Info'.