Package FAQ

Welcome to the Avatar Framework

The Avatar Framework is the next evolution of the SitePal platform, allowing you to enable your end-users to create interactive, personalized speaking avatars and use them within your product or web application. We provide you unparalleled power to customize our avatar technology and make it your own by seamlessly integrating it with your existing site structure and functionality. Our bundled administrative and reporting tools allow you to monitor and control how your users interact with the avatars.

How does the Avatar Framework Work?

An end-user can launch a customized version of our editor to create and edit their speaking avatar and publish it to the desired destination. See Avatar Framework End User functionality

A personal account is automatically created for each user that opens the editor, allowing the administrator to monitor activities at the user level. The Avatar Framework Basic supports up to 5,000 user accounts. The Pro version supports 100,000+. See Avatar Framework Administrator Functionality.

SitePal Avatar Framework Client Examples

Shockwave, the largest casual game destination on the web, is providing users with speaking avatars for community development. Shockwave users can express themselves through our speaking avatars on their Shockwave profile pages and across the Shockwave platform.

Weplay, a community site for youth sports, is providing their members with the ability to create a personalized speaking avatar for their profile page to express themselves.

Evite enables users to create their own party personality, using speaking avatars. RSVP was never this much fun!

Now The Technical Stuff

The Avatar Framework allows you to control the integration of speaking avatars into your web application, and to enable your users to create, edit and manage their avatars and related assets (audios, images, accessories). The integration allows you to control not only the tools available to your users, but also the content that they create, where their avatars appear, when and where they speak and what they say.

Seamless integration & full control is made possible by means of three complementary APIs:

Editor Integration API
Allow your user to securely launch the Avatar editor from your site, and save the created content back to your site.

Client API
Control what the avatars say & when they speak by using an extensive set of client side calls which can be made from within your browser page in Javascript or from your flash application in Actionscript. API is also available in C++ and C# for use in native code applications.

Server API (Avatar Framework Pro only)
Remotely manage your users' accounts, avatars, media assets & account settings, to achieve tight integration with your application's functionality.

You got my attention. What's next?

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