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Engage students with personalized avatars and improve learning results

SitePal speaking avatars are an effective teaching tool, adding personality and interactivity to text-based educational content. Educators / corporate trainers around the world are using SitePal technology for employee training, school websites, classroom presentations, Flash tutorials, or online training courses, experiencing a remarkable improvement in training results.

  • Engage Students with dynamic virtual characters
  • Improve Comprehension by complementing written content with verbal messages
  • Personalize communication with customizable characters
A research by Stanford university suggests interactive avatars enhance the online experience in teaching and commerce applications. Read the case study

Educator Examples

Avatars for advanced education

University of Houston

"My students reported the use of speaking characters in the course material improved their knowledge and comprehension. SitePal provided a richer way to relay information than written text and really helped my students to get more out of my classes."

Brian McFarlin, Professor, University of Houston

Read the case study. The story was also published in Science Daily

Avatars in the classroom curriculum

Active History

Active History offers award-winning methods of teaching history in the classroom. 5 rotating speaking characters portraying historical figures such as William the Conqueror bring history to life through interactive simulation, educational arcade games, virtual interviews, lesson plans, and quizzes. See the client example

*University of Houston and Active History use a SitePal package and custom models. Sign up for a 15 day free trial of a SitePal package or for custom model inquiries contact sales

Avatars for corporate training

The Children Place

The Children's Place chose to use interactive avatars to train store associates on the features and benefits of the PLACE Card. After store associates were taken through the program, the retail outlet recorded a 29% increase in PLACE Card applications. Read the case study

The Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB)

The WSIB chose to use talking avatars to create an e-learning program to help educate employees In less than four months over 1300 students have completed the course and the tool has been honored with four prestigious awards! WSIB considers HS101 one of their best training products - raising the bar for online learning solutions! Read the case study

*The Children's place and WSIB use our Avatar Studio Suite for corporations. Contact us for the product inquiry