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SitePal lets you easily create your own characters (animated speaking avatars) and add them to any website, blog, email, PowerPoint, eBay auction, Flash application – anywhere online! SitePal helps your website become instantly interactive, more engaging, and more persuasive. SitePal is fully compatible with all hosting providers & web server technologies and languages.

Try our free online demo to make your own character in minutes. You can even send it to a friend. Your SitePal account will allow you to create and save unlimited avatars using a custom online editor. Since SitePal is an easy-to-use online service, no software downloads, hosting, or programming knowledge is required. Click the button below to launch our avatar maker. You can also learn more below, or click here to compare SitePal packages.

Launch SitePal�s online editor demo and create an avatar!

1. Design your Animated Characters

  • Choose your 2D or 3D avatar model from our avatar gallery (70+ models)
  • Or, "Avatar yourself" – create a 3D model by uploading a photo (PhotoFace)
  • Adjust age, skin, eyes, hair, lips, clothing, and more
  • Select a background or upload your own photo (or video)
  • Update your characters as often as you like

2. Give your Character a Voice (Audio Message)

  • Create an audio message from any phone (on the go)
  • Record your message with your computer's microphone
  • Upload an MP3 audio message
  • Use SitePal's text-to-speech technology (30 languages and 150 voices)
  • Even use professional voice talent to record your messages
  • Update your character's voice as often as you like

3. Publish your Character Anywhere Online

  • Utilize SitePal's easy-to-use publishing wizard
  • Place your SitePal scene on any Web page
  • Add your character to an email campaign
  • Integrate your characters into Flash applications
  • Even add your SitePal avatars to eBay auctions or PowerPoint presentations
  • SitePal is fully compatible with all hosting providers & web server technologies

4. Enhance your Avatars with Interactive Features

  • Take advantage of our advanced playback functionality
  • Use SitePal as your website's FAQ solution
  • Collect visitor information with SitePal's Lead Generator
  • Your avatar can respond to visitor questions with the A.I. feature
  • Advanced users can use our Client API to control character behavior & speech

Making your own character is a great idea for any website owner who wishes to engage visitors, and keep them interested and informed. If you'd like to create and design your own character right now, click below to launch the SitePal online demo. Our avatar creator will walk you through each step. Then, feel free to email your avatar to a friend.

Launch SitePal�s online editor demo and create an avatar!

If you're ready to get started with SitePal and create avatars for your website, SitePal is offering a no-obligation 15-Day Free Trial. Simply choose your package, register your new account, and start using SitePal (Free). Choose your package here.