Each of the SitePal models below offer their own unique benefits and are fully customizable to your liking. Take a look at how different each can become just by editing their ethnicity, hair, and clothing.

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Note: All SitePal packages (Borze, Silver, Gold) come with an online editor which allows you to easily create different looks from a model as show below. Each package, however, offers a different number of models.

With her strong and mature features, Beth is the perfect model to represent an authority figure.

Examples: Executive, Consultant, Principal
With a softer but confident look, Gina is a great model for any client management and sales related personnel.

Examples: Salesperson, Trainer, Realtor
Kara’s warm and friendly look makes her a good model for a role related with hospitality and customer care.

Examples: Customer service, Nurses, Teacher
Sharon has more of a glamorous look and would be great in a more social role.

Examples: Beauty Consultant, Event Planner, PR Agent
With her vibrant and approachable look, Ashley is another great candidate for a service-oriented or interpersonal role.

Examples: Salesperson, Customer Service Representative