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Reseller Program

Web designers, developers, and consultants can sell SitePal directly to clients at a significant profit margin!

Program overview

  • The Reseller Program lets web design and consulting companies purchase SitePal accounts at the discounted "wholesale" price for resale to clients.
  • Approved resellers can purchase SitePal at 30% less than retail price
  • Sell to your clients and collect the profits!
  • Resellers with five or more SitePal licenses will be featured in our reseller's directory.
  • Management interface makes it easy to handle accounts for your customers

Getting started

Program fees

  • The SitePal Authorized Reseller license fee is $795.50/Year which includes one gold yearly account.
  • The SitePal Authorized Reseller extension license fee is $249.50/Year
  • This fee entitles you to resell SitePal accounts, assign them to your customers, and to an ongoing 30% discount on SitePal purchases, upgrades and extensions.

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