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SitePal Customer Showcases

Sauna Works     
Imagine if your happy customers could speak to your potential customers? See how one company, Sauna works is doing just that with SitePal. They are leveraging the power of voice to build trust in their company with an avatar powered testimonial page.

ABC Rapid Response     
ABC Rapid Response is a company that specializes in a wide range of waste disposal services. They have provided Edinburgh, Fife & Lothians with an excellent waste disposal service for over 10 years. ABC Rapid Response uses SitePal character to inform their visitors about the types of services they provide.

Miller Legacy Plumbing     
Miller Legacy Plumbing specializes in residential plumbing, commercial plumbing, water heater installation and all other aspects of your homes plumbing system. Miller Legacy Plumbing uses a SitePal character to welcome visitors and how to contact them.

BobDog Wine     
BobDog Wines is a grower based winery. Their priority is to handcraft the best grapes for wine makers to make the best wine. BobDog Wine use a SitePal character, named R. Barker, to welcome visitors to their site and how to contact them for a reservation to their vineyard.

Racing Models      
Racing Models is a UK-based supplier of collectable motorsports models, shipping daily all over the world. The company is run by motorsport enthusiasts with a close interest in racing. Racing Models utilizes SitePal in several sections of its e-commerce website, including the Questions section, where a custom character answers common questions about the models. Visit the site for a great example of how to use SitePal effectively to educate website visitors.