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SitePal Success Stories

SitePal avatars are helping over 10,000 small businesses connect and communicate with their customers. See what our customers have to say about how SitePal talking characters improved conversions, sales training and overall visitor satisfaction.

Increase Conversion

"Goldfish Software implemented SitePal to provide customers with more consultative information about its product. As a result, the company has experienced an increase in conversion at a rate of 33% since the launch of the SitePal character. "

Goldfish Software, LLC

"Daughter Nature turned to a SitePal avatar to provide a more personal user experience for their site visitors. Since the addition of their SitePal character, sales have increased by 40% and daily site traffic and click-through rates have improved significantly."

Daughter Nature

"The American TESOL Institute deployed multiple SitePal characters throughout its Web site. With the VHost characters in place, the company began experiencing increases in unique visits to the site and its service offering pages of over 250% and 57% respectively. These increases have helped to drive student conversion rates, which have led to an over 95% per month increase in total dollar volume."

American Tesol

"In their ongoing effort to optimize online sales, computer security experts McAfee tested SitePal as a virtual sales staff in their online store and instantly experienced a 10% average daily sales increase!"


Increase Your Traffic

" provides visitors with daily weather forecasts for the New York Metropolitan area and several major US cities, using a custom SitePal avatar to deliver the forecast. Since adding the custom character, the feedback Jeff has received from his visitors has been extraordinary. As word of mouth spread about the unique characteristics of the website and the daily updated content, traffic increased from 500,000 to 2.5 million page views per month."

Jeff's Weather

Power eBay Sales

"Hundred of eBay sellers are benefiting from SitePal's "Publish to eBay" feature. And Steve Stewart, an eBay Power Seller and skilled Gemologist, is one of them. Steve saw a 6% sales increase right after he started to use a SitePal virtual host on his auctions."

Steve Stewart


"Daden Limited is a young and dynamic company focused on information consulting and technology. Daden's activities range from conventional consultancy assignments to world-class and world-first information technology solutions. Daden has been partnered with SitePal since 2002 and now SitePal is a key part of its offerings. Combined with its low cost and low complexity, the high impact of SitePal made a great appeal to the clients of Daden Limited. The company now expects that half of its technology solutions in 2006 will involve SitePal talking characters. "

Daden Limited