Tech Playground - Check out our stuff!

SitePal talking avatars are made by us folks at Oddcast, a company known for innovative technology that incorporates user participation and creativity.

Our Technology Playground allows you to experience some of the cool stuff we're working on. Please feel free to share these demos or post them to your site. Or use our forum to leave your feedback & thoughts!

Note: The features showcased in the playground are intended for demonstration only, and may not be available in SitePal. If you are interested in commercial implementations of any of these technologies, please contact us.

NEW! Text to Speech Widget

You type it and I speak it! In more than 20 languages. Send your avatar or grab the widget to share!

Photo-Face: Become an Avatar

Upload your photo to create your virtual self

Text to Speech with Emotional Cues

SitePal avatars can now cry and laugh!

Text to Sing

.....and sing a song!