Using Callbacks

Callbacks allow you to synchronize your page with character speech

Status Callback Functions (SCFs) can help improve coordination between the embedded Scene or Show and your page / application. The playback environment generates Event callbacks which correspond to different stages of playback. The site in which the host is embedded can use these Event callbacks to trigger other actions.

On Portal Ready:
vh_portalReady() - is generated when the embed code is fully loaded. Use this callback to verify that the portal is ready to accept loadScene calls

On Scene Loaded:
vh_sceneLoaded() - is generated when a Scene is loaded. Note: No API function should be called before the Scene is loaded.

On Talk Started:
vh_talkStarted() - is generated when speech sequence begins.

On Talk Ended:
vh_talkEnded() - is generated when speech sequence ends.

On Audio Started:
vh_audioStarted() - is generated when each individual audio begins.

On Audio Ended:
vh_audioEnded() - is generated when each individual audio ends.

On Play/Pause:
vh_playPause() - is generated when the Play/Pause button is clicked.

Audio Progress:
vh_audioProgress(percentPlayed) - is generated at an audio progress interval.
Note:setStatus(0,1,0,1) - sets the progressInterval in vh_sceneLoaded

Speak a sequence of audios

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