Artificial Intelligencemake your character smart

SitePal Artificial Intelligence Management Center (AIMC) is a powerful tool that allows you to "teach" your character to respond to user questions with context-sensitive, spoken answers. Your AI powered character can be used for 24/7 customer support, online training, entertainment, and many other purposes.

How SitePal AIMC works
  1. Design your SitePal character & embed the Scene in your webpage.
  2. Implement a text input field in your page to accept your users' questions.
  3. Use the Client API function 'sayAIResponse' to submit & generate your character's spoken response (see our technical example for reference)
  4. Enter SitePal AIMC to edit your AI knowledge base*
  5. Review your AIMC logs and update/enhance your knowledge base anytime, improving your character's responses.

* The built-in knowledge base contains over 25,000 entries, so your character is intelligent right out of the box. It does however require time and effort to add the specific knowledge that applies to your needs.

Try AI Demo Try AI Demo with Speech Input
AIMC for Developers

Though programming knowledge is not necessary to implement a SitePal intelligent agent using AIMC, programmers will be able to take advantage of the powerful features of AIML, the language in which the knowledge base is implemented.

Learn AIML
Using 3rd Party AI

SitePal characters are a natural companion to any intelligent bot in search of a face. If you prefer to use a 3rd party AI solution with your SitePal character - rather than use the built-in AIMC - that's perfectly doable, as long as your 3rd party AI Bot is accesible online, via an HTTP REST call.

The implementation on your page would work as follows:

  1. user enters text input
  2. your code submits the input to your 3rd party AI Bot, a textual response is received.
  3. Use SitePal Client API call 'sayText' to speak the response.

Questions? Please contact support & we will do our best to further advise.