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Create and add an animated speaking character to your web site, mobile app, email, blog or PowerPoint, making it more personal and persuasive. SitePal is fully compatible with all hosting providers & web server technologies.

Try our demo editor below to create your own speaking character in minutes. When you have a SitePal account, you will also get an online publishing wizard that lets you easily publish any character you created live. No downloads, hosting or programming knowledge is required.

1. Design animated characters

  • Pick a model from our model library:

  • Adjust age, skin, eyes, hair, lips, clothing, and more
  • Select a background or upload your own photo
  • Create a custom model based on your photo (add-on option)
  • Update your character's appearence as often as you like
  • OR create your own Photoface avatar from a photo upload

2. Add voice to your character

  • Add and update your character's voice any time:

  • Over the phone
  • With your computer's microphone
  • By uploading a pre-recorded audio
  • Using our "text-to-speech" feature
  • By purchasing professional voice talent from our store

3. Publish your character

  • Use the SitePal publishing wizard to publish your character:

  • Publish to your web page
  • Integrate your character into Mobile apps
  • Send your speaking character in an email
  • Add your character to an eBay auction in just a few clicks
  • Add your character into a PowerPoint presentation
  • Note: SitePal is fully compatible with all hosting providers & web server technologies and languages. (e.g. Yahoo Sitebuilder, 360 GoDaddy, Bravenet, and iWeb)

4. Enhance with Interactive Features

  • Take advantage of the advanced playback functionality:

  • Use our FAQ feature to answer site visitor questions
  • Use our lead generation feature to collect customer information
  • Use our AI feature to build an intelligent agent that responds to user input.
  • Programmers: Use the SitePal Client API to control your character's behavior & speech, and closely integrate it with your site.