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Introducing AudioPal - Audio for Websites


Sitepal has a little brother! We have just released AudioPal, a simple-to-use FREE widget to generate and embed online audio. Now you can use audio in your website, blog or social network page, easily and without cost.

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Back to School promotion

Give your business a boost by having a talking Teen avatar as your seasonal spokesperson! For limited time, each of our Teens models is offered at 50% off. Or get the complete Teens package for even bigger saving!
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New Text to Speech voice, Julie

We're excited to present Julie, our latest & greatest US-English voice for Text to Speech. With a natural-sounding voice and accurate pronunciation, Julie is arguably THE BEST ENGLISH TTS VOICE ON THE MARKET TODAY. See if you agree - check out Julie's voice!

Update your avatar to use Julie's voice! * Julie is included with all SitePal packages that support Text to Speech functionality (Silver, Gold and Platinum).Log in

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Tip of the Month - Adding SitePal to Your Facebook Fan or Group page


You can add a SitePal avatar to your Facebook Fan or Group page to make it more personal and exciting. Compared to adding SitePal to your personal Facebook profile, which can be very easily done using our Publish to Facebook feature, adding it to a Fan Page requires a few more steps. Here are the step by step instructions.

See example
in our Fan page

Things to prepare in your SitePal account

1. Create your SitePal scene as you normally do.

2. Open up the Publish Wizard and select Flash embedding.

3. Copy the Embed code.

4. Facebook requires that all flash embedding have a preview image. What we recommend is that you open your scene as a preview and copy the image. Then using an image editing program, resize the image to 180x135

Things to do on your Fan Page:

1. Login to the administration area of your Fan page (you need to be the administrator)

2. To be able to Add Flash to your fan page you will need to add a custom component. In your browser go to the following "Static FMBL" application. This specialized application was created by Facebook for the purpose of adding custom FMBL (Facebook Markup Language) code to your page.

3. On that page click the blue "Add to Page" button at the top right.

4. On the next screen select the fan page from the pull down.

5. Now you can find this new FMBL component from your Fan Page admin panel. Click to edit the FMBL panel.

7. On the Edit FMBL page, give you Box a title. In the FMBL edit box add the following code.

<fb:swf swfbgcolor="ffffff" quality="high" imgstyle="border-width:0px; border-color:white;" swfsrc="PASTE YOUR SCENE FLASH URL HERE" imgsrc="PAST YOUR SCENE IMAGE URL HERE" width='180' height='135' salign='tl' align="left"/>

<center>Click Me!</center>

NOTE: Remember the copy your Scene Flash URL which you got from your account and the URL to the hosted placeholder image

8. Once complete click 'Save changes' at the bottom of the form.

9. Due to the new Facebook layout your scene will be published to the BOX tab of your Fan Page. Navigate to that tab.

10. On that tab click on the pencil icon at the top right corner of the FMBL box you just added. From the pull down select the move to wall tab.

Voila you are done!

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Customer of the Month

Who can be a better salesperson to sell a trading robot product than a talking robot? Robot Setup, a company which helps users set up their own trading robot, is using Stitch, a specialty robot character from SitePal, to greet site visitors and reinforce their brand.

* SitePal offers dozens of specialty models that can add flavor and seasonality to your avatar. Check out our specialty model store.

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