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Get much more from your SitePal character, by mastering a few simple techniques. Animated audio can get people's attention and add another dimension to your communication. To make that happen, you should employ common sense and avoid common pitfalls.

Keep it Fresh

Like decorations in a shop window that are updated from time to time, you want to maintain interest by refreshing your website content & appearance. SitePal can help you with that. Updating your SitePal character& its audio message is much easier than revising the visual content of your site, so it can be done more frequently. Plan to do so!

Avoid Repetition

By setting limits on the number of times the same audio is played back to the same user. E.g. no more than once per session, per week, per month? It is your call to make. This is simple to do using SitePal Scene attributes.

Make it Interesting

Specify & assign not one audio but several, and we will select one at random to be spoken. This way users coming to your page will hear a different version of your message each time.

Targeting Makes it More Relevant

Take advantage of our API to deliver the appropriate message to each visitor. Your web page can control what the character says, and when. If you know your visitor, use that to tailor the audio, and draw their attention to your message.